Club Rides

Rides are on Saturday mornings at 7:30 after Memorial Day and through Labor Day. After Labor Day the rides start at 8 until Memorial Day is past. Unless otherwise specified in the SMR email, the rides start at the YMCA at 220 N Walnut in McPherson. This is not a YMCA sponsored event, just a good central place to meet.

Wednesday evening rides start at 5:30 also at the YMCA. This is normally a 20-30 mile loop ride. However, about every 3 weeks, there is a “RIDE AND DINE” where we ride to one of the surrounding towns to a local eatery, which sometimes serve adult beverages, which you are not required to consume. RnD’s do require the logistics of getting back (its dark) from the eatery, which are normally provided by volunteers in the group. Vehicles are normally dropped off during the noon hour for the return trip.

Memorial Day is a ride from Lindsborg to Roxbury and back. You could go further if you wish, but least to Roxbury. Meet in Old Mill Park south of the river in Lindsborg at 8:00 am. Kind of a tune up for BAK riders.

The Saturday before Labor Day is a ride from Canton to Roxbury and west over the hills as far as you can stand, and then back. Starting from the grocery store in Canton at 7:30

The Lopi Dog ride is on Labor Day from the YMCA at 7:30. You have to come out to the ride to here the story, no reenactment involved, we can’t find the dog, just a slightly embellished story. Normally about 28 or 40 miles.